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My family applied for Hurricane Harvey disaster assistance and got denied. No explanation.

We're no where near as bad off as the people of Rockport, but we definitely need help! If you're not helping the people in Rockport, my family, the 40 people we've talked to that were denied (houses under water), or the countless people on this site, WHO ARE YOU HELPING??? Where is the donation money going? What are you REALLY doing to help?

As of now, your organization's reputation seems fraudulent. Thanks for getting our hopes up for nothing and for showing your true colors.

Review about: American Red Cross Disaster Assistance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Quit living in a disaster zone.

I'm sick and tired of bailing you people out every time you get flattened by yet still another tropical storm. Haven't you learned...yet ?

Why don't you move somewhere above sea level and quit getting your life trashed every time some storm or another on a regular basis ?

Then you bad-mouth the Red Cross because you were unprepared.

It's always somebody else's fault, isn't it ?

to Arthur #1373379

Oh and I bet your nerdy *** scroll through the comments crying because people are talking about your untrustworthy organization,and you do not want it to be seen so that you and your untrustworthy organization can steal more money and live your lavish lives,you stupid ***,it is not your freaking money,and no matter how tired you get of bailing people out,it is steal not your money,it is donated money,not for you Arthur or Red Cross unworthy ***,so suck a ***,wait you probably already do

to Arthur #1373398

Oh yea Arthur I spelled Steal this way instead of still Steal better fit you and those butt wipes because that is what your doing stealing!!!!


Red Cross why are you denying everyone that has applied for this $400,you guys are bogus,that is donated money that does not belong to you,all celebrities please,the ones that donated to the people in Texas for hurricane Harvey,please call Red Cross and see why they are denying people in the Texas areas,they are having people fill out the forms and telling them that they will send a response in 24 hours by email or text which is untrue,some people have been waiting over 24 hours and they still are not responding,and when they do,they are denying these people in need,but gave out millions of dollars to people who didn't really need it,I am highly pissed,and we need to get together to petition this organization and get it shut down,they are not being truthful with the money,Red Cross you mean to tell me that you would deny a person the $400 dollars which is really nothing compared to the money that everyone has donated,that house has been flooded and lost everything,but gave out 45 million dollars to people house that was not flooded damage or anything,REALLY RED CROSS,you have the audacity,and the nerve to think you can deny these people with donated money,no Red Cross this will not fly,and you are gonna have some major explaining to do when the *** hits the fan,People please do not donate your money to Red Cross,they are lying and not helping these people in Texas,they are doing it for a publicity stunt,they are having these people fill out the forms just to deny them,it makes no sense,I guess they will be pocketing the rest of the money since no one,and I mean no one qualifies,not even an disabled veteran that fought for them to be free in this country,SHAME SHANE SHAME on You Red Cross!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1373189

Take remedial English.

Your diatribe is unreadable.

Try some punctuation ; it is very helpful to the reader.

What you have here is termed a "run-on sentence", about which you should have learned in the 4th Grade.

to Arthur #1373897

And shut the *** up,nobody cares about your dumb education level Arthur,we are not that dumb to know you and your cheating organization are stealing donated money that do not belong to them,so you take a class on not stealing donated money *** wipe!!!?

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