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I have gone to donate my blood O+, I am a healthy person with no problems what so ever they have mentioned in their checklist about 50 questions. My BP was tested, my blood group was tested and then I was asked how long you are in US.

I said from past 2 years. They did not want to take my blood suspecting that I might have malaria as I am from Asian Country. I fail to understand is malaria exists everywhere except in the US, Don't you check the blood for all kinds of possible diseases before infusing it to the recipient. Appreciate that lot of screenings are done while taking the blood from a donor but, denying to take the blood as I was not staying in the US before 2 years is bad.

I request red cross to mention on your website that the blood donors should stay in the US for at least three years before they come to donate the blood.

The unqualified donors will stay back and will not spend their time, money and refrain disappointment. I have donated blood several times but this is the first denial.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Red Cross Blood Donation.

Reason of review: denial.

I liked: Staff.

I didn't like: Incharge.

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