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My husband and I lost our home during the storm. My husband applied for red cross assistance last Thursday, he still has not received any communication.

And we know people who applied in the same time frame and have received their funds last Saturday.

I applied last Saturday, received a denial text on Tuesday. I submitted an appeal, received an email stating a representative would contact me within 72 hours...nothing yet 9/28.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Red Cross Disaster Assistance.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Never rely on charity, especially The Red Cross. I assume you were responsible enough to ensure you had adequate funds in your bank accounts and/or cash on hand to get you thru the hard days ahead when you heard the warnings about the hurricane's approach. You can also have relative and friends help out.

to h.kitchener #1374687

Your a *** - nobody saw this coming and even if we were prepared we don't have this kind of money - we were not relying on charity you *** we were doing that too get some much needed help and we're denied

to h.kitchener #1391769

I fail to see where you got the idea that she's relying on charity. She simply stated that her husband applied, was denied, and they appealed without response.

You assume someone is "responsible enough" to have their banks loaded in case of an emergency. Most people have enough savings to comfortably take care of an unexpected expense like a car repair or doctor visit. Most people cannot comfortably handle the expenses following the loss of their home in a disaster as devastating as Hurricane Harvey was.

Here's a bit of advice. Maybe you shouldn't assume so much.

Maybe your view of the world is undeveloped, because assuming somebody in America is financially ready to recover from a $200 billion hurricane is indication of your suppression.

Maybe condescension isn't the best approach when talking to somebody that no longer has a home for reasons they had absolutely no control of. What I'm trying to get at is try not being a ***.


I received the denial text on Monday 9/25 not Tuesday 9/26.

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